Plan for tomorrow; live for today

We take an in-depth look at your business and personal financial needs. We use our expertise to create and implement a flexible plan that is unique to you and designed to help you protect, grow, and pass on your wealth in a tax efficient way.

Your wealth needs to serve you differently at different stages of your life. Your Professional Financial Planner will take a detailed look at your business and family financial needs, then use their expertise to create and implement a dynamic plan that will help you grow, protect, access and pass on your wealth.


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Our philosophy is simple – we start with understanding our client’s circumstances and objectives. So many other Wealth Managers miss this point, and try and “sell” investment solutions to clients to meet their short term business targets. We always take a long term relationship approach. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We want our clients to feel understood. We work very hard at listening.

–Steve Pennington, Head of Wealth Planning
Plan for tomorrow; live for today.

Serving you today and into the future

  • Tailored wealth plan created by Professional Financial Planners
  • Short-term flexible plans aligned to long-term goals
  • Tax-efficient planning for optimal post-tax returns
  • Bespoke service that works with your other professional advisers
  • We provide advice on a restricted basis

Best-in-Class Professional Financial Planners

  • Professional Financial Planners with an average of 15 years’ experience in their field of expertise
  • An approach built on an in-depth understanding of immediate needs and longer-term goals

Our approach

Protection Planning

We want you to feel secure with the knowledge that you have the right contingency plan in place. Our protection planning service uses insurance solutions drawn from the whole of market. You may wish to secure the family financial position in the event of unforeseen illness or premature death. Alternatively, you may wish to provide a legacy for beneficiaries or a charitable cause. We also advise clients on how to protect their business interests, ensuring business continuity and securing the value of the business for the benefit of any surviving family members. 

Retirement Planning

We help you to understand your options for retirement and later life. Our advisers will conduct an analysis of your current circumstances and objectives and address the specific need to plan for your future cash flow needs. We shall aim to identify how best to accumulate wealth and then how to access capital and income when needed in the most flexible and tax efficient way.

Investment Planning

We can help you grow and utilise your wealth by designing a wealth plan using suitable and uncomplicated investment structures. Our advice will address the suitability of savings, investment and drawdown strategies. We shall also consider flexibility and tax efficiency. We often use modelling to help you visualise your financial future. 

Estate Planning Service

We always take a holistic view of your finances. Our Estate planning service is a review of where you are now, where you are going, and what your options could be over time, depending on milestones and life events. We help you create an estate plan designed to sustain your lifetime financial needs and we shall also address how you wish to help others. We shall consider your views on lifetime gifting, post death legacy and design Inheritance Tax mitigation strategies depending on your objectives. An estate plan will be tailored to provide you with the right balance of control, access, flexibility and tax advantages. 

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