Getting divorced is rarely straightforward. Whether this is a positive step for you or a difficult change you need to adapt to slowly, we are here to help you think through the many financial considerations and decisions you will need to make. Divorce and finances can feel like be complex, but whether your priority is separating finances before a divorce, protecting finances before a divorce or sorting finances after divorce, our expert team is here to support you.

We can help you understand your current financial position and how it might be affected by divorce and evolve over time. By taking the time to understand your personal circumstances, hopes and ambitions for the future as well as your immediate needs, our team is on hand to offer expert advice on areas such as savings, investments and pensions as well as options for a new mortgage and looking at your longer terms needs. We have tools to help you visualise the potential impact of any decision you make.


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Protecting your future

It’s key to understand how your finances work for you now, how much income you need to sustain your lifestyle today and tomorrow and who else is impacted. By looking at how your financial landscape might change over the short, medium and longer term, you can start to make plans designed to meet your changing priorities.

If you have financial dependants, be they children, grandchildren or even parents, it’s important to consider how their financial needs will change over time, as well as your own. It might be about planning for school fees, the cost of university education, or perhaps making provision for a house deposit for your children. How is your situation likely to change over time and what does that mean for your financial future?

Your financial landscape

Getting a deep understanding of your financial situation might be something you have never truly considered before. We are here to help you understand your current position and identify your future needs. Creating clarity will give you the confidence to make decisions to protect your financial future.

Planning for the future

Once you have a clear picture of your current financial landscape and your future needs, we can start to prepare a financial plan designed to support you over the short, medium and long-term.

We will always work with you at your pace, ensuring you have the right level of support and advice at the time you need it most. We are always delighted to meet with members of your family or other advisers if you would like their support.

Your wealth needs to serve you differently at different stages of your life. Your qualified and experienced wealth planner will take a detailed look at your business and family financial needs, and use their expertise to create and implement a dynamic wealth plan that will help you grow, protect, access and pass on your wealth.

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Accessing the right advice

Financial advice is just one area you might want to consider. Legal advice, mediation, tax advice and personal support advice such as counselling might be beneficial at this time. Having the right team around the table is important and we can introduce you to legal and tax specialists should you wish.


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If you are going through, or have recently gone through, a divorce and would like to understand the next steps you need to take to secure your financial future, let us know and one of our wealth planners will be in touch.

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Plan for tomorrow

Wealth Planning

We take an in-depth look at your business and personal financial needs. We use our expertise to create and implement a flexible plan that is unique to you and designed to help you protect, grow, and pass on your wealth in a tax efficient way.

Plan for tomorrow; live for today

Investing for the long-term

Investment Management

Designed to meet your income and growth goals within an agreed level of risk, we consider all aspects of your life – from your personal aims and ambitions to those of your wider family; from your business goals, if appropriate, to the legacy you want to leave.

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