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We provide client coverage globally with a focus on Asia and the Middle East, and have vast experience working across various currencies, cultures and languages. International clients often have complex needs and we appreciate the importance of planning when looking to invest overseas or move jurisdiction. At Arbuthnot Latham, as well as providing bespoke solutions to your banking, lending, investment, and estate planning needs, we are also able to facilitate introductions to professional tax advisers, who can ensure that you have the right framework in place before making any significant cross- border decisions.



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Internationally focused clients

If you are based internationally, you can still benefit from our relationship-led banking and wider services. We work with clients who have assets all over the world and business interests in various countries. We have the expertise in dealing with multi-jurisdictional assets in-house.

UK non-domiciled

If you are resident, but not domiciled in the UK, we can help structure your on- and offshore assets for maximum tax efficiency. We work alongside our clients and their tax advisors to ensure we have the most efficient banking structure in place.


If you live abroad we can help structure your finances to be as seamless as possible. Our multi-currency accounts and offshore banking solutions will make it easy for you to keep track of your finances. We understand the expat world and the challenges expats face, especially managing a wealth base in the UK remotely.


As a relationship-led bank, our aim is to build a relationship with you and your family both now and for the future, focusing on service and finding the right solutions for you as an individual. We try to understand your needs and aspirations, and focus on developing solutions to make them a reality.

We have extensive experience of financing UK real estate for overseas investors, either directly or through the use of both offshore and UK structures. We understand that some of our clients’ main income and asset base is often derived and located outside the UK, and this is acceptable to us. We can also assist in ensuring that acquisitions are structured effectively from the outset.

We meet regularly with our clients and we travel to engage with you locally.

Whether your needs are as simple as needing multi-currency banking facilities in the UK or more complex areas such as real estate financing, offshore structuring or exposure to a global investment management capability, we would be delighted to work with you.

Your assets with us can be held in the UK or in Jersey. Whether you currently live outside the UK, are a UK person living abroad, or a non-domiciled individual living in the UK, we can structure your assets held with us in the most relevant jurisdiction for your personal situation, and work in tandem with your advisers to achieve this.


How we can help

  • Experience of dealing with multicultural and multilingual clients
  • Multi-currency bank accounts, available in AED dirham, Hong Kong dollar, Singapore dollar, US dollar, euro or pounds sterling
  • Foreign exchange trading
  • Multi-currency lending options including mortgages
  • International payment systems
  • Access to our full range of services including wealth management
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Meet the team

Ross Mitchell

Head of International

Ross joined Arbuthnot Latham in 2012 when the international team for the bank was formed. Prior to that he was at Coutts & Co for 15 years working primarily with international clients, focusing on UK resident non-domiciled individuals and expats.

Outside of work, Ross likes walking, watching sport and spending time with his family.

Ross Mitchell

Martin Dyer

Head of Asia Desk

Martin joined Arbuthnot Latham in 2016. He has over 20 years’ experience advising international private banking clients, with a focus on individuals with links to Asia. He began his career in 1999 with Coutts & Co in London.

Outside of work Martin enjoys time abroad, usually in the Tuscan hills, or at home playing football with his son.

Martin Dyer

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