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Wealth Planning –

The 'Are you ready for retirement?' Quiz

Take our quick six-question quiz to find out if you are ready for retirement and how to plan making your dream future achievable.

The word 'retirement' can evoke all sorts of emotions. Do you feel in control, having mapped it all out, or are you worried you’ve left your wealth planning too late? Maybe retirement still feels such a long way off that you’re not really thinking about it beyond the odd idyllic dream of the freedom retirement might bring. Perhaps for you it’s not about actual retirement, but more about becoming financially independent to the point where you can choose to work or not, or even a pursue a new goal.

So how do you know if you’re really ready to take the next step?

Take our six-question quiz to find out if your dream future is achievable.

1. How do you think you'll retire?
2. Where do you want to live in retirement?
3. What are you looking forward to in retirement?
4. Do you know how much income you’ll need?
5. What will you miss most when you retire?
6. What will you splurge on?

You are...

Mostly As

In control and organised

It sounds as though you’ll be ready for retirement when it comes. You have made some plans and have a good idea of how you’ll spend your time – and who you’ll spend it with. To make sure you can make the most of your time in retirement, speak to one of our wealth planners to ensure you’re making the most of your finances.

You are...

Mostly Bs

Adventurous and energetic

Wow. You’re really planning to make the most of your retirement. It sounds like you’ll be busier in retirement than you are now. To ensure you can enjoy every minute, careful planning and having a timeline for your decisions now will help you live the life you want tomorrow - and make sure you can afford to do everything too! Find out how our wealth planning team can help you.

You are...

Mostly Cs

Cautiously optimistic

You might be worried about losing a sense of who you are as you retire, but remember you are more than your job title. Spending some time now to think about the things you want to achieve before and after you retire could help you visualise your future and the things that are most important to you. Your retirement will hopefully last a long time. Make sure you fill it with the things you love. If you’d like to discuss your retirement strategy and understand your options, including how to maximise your retirement income, speak to one of our wealth planners today.

You are...

Mostly Ds

Open to options

You may not have considered retirement yet, it might still be a way off. However, the earlier you plan, the more choices you’ll have when the time comes to consider this in more detail. Why not discuss your future with your loved ones to see if you’re aligned in terms of plans for life beyond work? You might just surprise yourselves. If you would like to see what your financial future might hold, our cashflow modelling tool lets you build different scenarios to visualise what options you might have. Find out how our wealth planning team can help you.

You are...

A bit of everything

You carve your own path. Maybe you have some plans in place but want the flexibility to change these over time. Taking control of your financial future now may give you the freedom to explore different options in the future. Our experienced wealth planners can help you look at the various options and help you visualise what your future could hold.

Take control

Prepare for your retirement by booking a consultation with one of our experienced and qualified wealth planners now. We are delighted to offer an initial consultation at our expense, with a fee only being charged if any advice is formalised.

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Take control of your retirement

Take control of your retirement

What does your dream retirement look like? Whether retirement will see you bungee jumping in South Africa, or trampoline jumping with the grandkids, taking time to plan now, gives your dreams the chance of becoming reality.

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