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Business protection -

Protecting your business

You can’t stop the unexpected from happening, but you can ensure these events don’t derail your business completely. Whether your business is a partnership or limited liability company, we can help you identify key risks to your business plan and advise on continuity arrangements that will help mitigate against potential financial consequences.


7th August 2023


You want your business to run smoothly. You want your customers, colleagues, shareholders and other interested parties to experience your business at its best. But what happens if someone critical to the running of your business is no longer able to work? What kind of impact would this have on your business and its ability to thrive?

By putting in place the right business protection solutions, you can create a financial cushion to reduce some of that impact - the absence of a shareholder, senior manager, or key person. This might give you the flexibility to fill a role, to meet financial obligations, or even to ensure you maintain control of your business. Of course, a sudden loss will always have consequences, but by taking steps you can be more prepared for tomorrow.

Business protection at a glance

While this is not a comprehensive table, this is designed to give you a quick overview of typical risks businesses face and how to manage them. Of course, much will depend on the make-up of your business and its people. To find out how we can help you, please get in touch with one of our Wealth Planners.

Area of Risk

Protection available

Control/Ownership Risk

Shareholder protection

Operating/Business Continuity Risk

Key person protection

Default Risk

Business loan protection

Retention/Staff benefits

Relevant life cover

Executive benefits

Executive income protection

Understanding the risks

There are a number of risks to consider should someone need to step back from the running of the business. It’s important to think about how your business might be affected and what controls you need in place to protect the value of your shares, and the people who matter most.

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