About the discussion

This series brings together the insights discussed by the panel of industry experts who explored the intricate dynamics of the buy-to-let sector, examining the challenges and opportunities that will shape the landscape in the coming year. From navigating regulatory changes to adapting to economic shifts, these discussions provide valuable foresight to help investors stay ahead.

Meet the industry experts

  • Clare Day is the Head of Finance and Financial Services at Harrison Clark Rickerbys Ltd (HCR Law).
  • Craig Wallace is a Partner in Residential Investment and Development at Knight Frank.
  • Paul Clifton is a Director of Wealth Planning at Arbuthnot Latham.
  • James Hilton is a Regulated Mortgage & Lending Advisor at Arbuthnot Latham.
  • Angela Niering-Wren is a Senior Commercial Banker in Real Estate Finance at Arbuthnot Latham.

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Key factors impacting the buy-to-let market over the last 12 months

The panelists explore the key issues affecting the buy-to-let (BTL) market over the past 12 months. Learn how interest rate fluctuations and broader macroeconomic factors have shaped investor behaviour and market trends.

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Stone terraced houses in Clifton, Bristol, England

Reflecting on Multiple Dwelling Relief

Explore a quick-fire Q&A on the abolition of Multiple Dwelling Relief (MDR). This change, which is significant for property investors, spurred attendees to seek advice from their accountants to further understand the financial implications.

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Georgian terraced housing in Bristol UK

Navigating regulatory landscapes

Shifting regulatory frameworks perpetually influence the real estate sector, significantly impacting investment strategies and operational approaches. Recent changes have introduced new complexities for stakeholders to remain compliant and competitive.

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English terraced houses around Brandon Hill in Bristol, England

The current interest rate climate

In recent years, fluctuating interest rates have significantly influenced the real estate market, affecting everything from property values to investment returns.

Understanding these impacts is crucial for investors, developers, and financial advisers navigating this volatile landscape.

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Bristol docks an amazing city at west England

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