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Which is the best business deposit account?

Which is the best business deposit account for your business? Find out how structuring your finances can deliver greater financial reward with Arbuthnot Latham.


Cash is king if you are running a business – and sound cash management is a crucial part of effective day-to-day control.

Many businesses keep cash reserves simply to build resilience, for others, their cash deposits act as a war chest to enable them to seize on investment and growth opportunities.

The best business deposit account for you depends on your own liquidity strategy. Do you have immediate needs or opportunities that you need cash for, or are you able to lock some away and earn extra interest?

So, what is the best business savings account for your company? One critical factor is being able to foresee challenges and opportunities within your business and arrange access to your money around that.

For example, you might expect a spike in investment or spending at a specific time in the future and should consider a business savings account that can be there to support this.

What are the best cash management strategies for businesses? 

Your cash management strategy will be unique to you, depending on your business requirements.

Often, cash is tied up in assets, and while these are crucial to business value, unlocking their value can take time. And given that we are coming from a period where interest rates have been at historic lows, finding the best rate can help your cash reserves work a little harder.

But here is another thing to consider: you do not need to commit to just one type of account.

Most businesses will have a current or instant access savings account, along with fixed-term deposit accounts or notice accounts – depending on their short and long-term strategy.

At Arbuthnot Latham, we work with our clients to ensure their cash management strategy aligns with their specific business goals. 

What is the difference between a notice account and a fixed-term deposit account? 

A notice account requires you to inform your bank about making a withdrawal in advance. In return, you generally get a higher interest rate than with an instant access savings account.

The same principle applies to fixed-term deposit accounts, but slightly different. With those, the account is open for a certain period. During that time, you will not be able to access your funds or add more – but the concept is designed to make sure your cash is earning a level of interest that works for you.

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