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We are committed to helping your firm with the day-to-day management of your clients’ money and safeguarding their assets, ensuring tailored investment portfolios meet their current and future needs. Our core values of integrity, respect, and collaboration ensure that we are a banking partner you can trust.

Why choose us

We provide one of the most comprehensive financial experiences for the ultimate benefit of protected parties.

Complete banking experience

Our full-service solution helps professional deputies manage their clients’ day-to-day financial affairs compliantly and ensures long-term stability through expert wealth planning and investment management.

Our dedication to values

With over 190 years of heritage, we are a trusted name in banking and investment. We value openness, honesty, and inclusivity, working together to help you confidently manage your clients’ financial affairs.

Financial strength and stability

Our financial health is robust and well-recognised. We adopt a conservative operating model that targets long-term stability over short-term gain. As a result, we maintain very strong levels of capital and liquidity.

A relationship-led approach

Our strength lies in our relationships and sector expertise. We understand the challenges professional deputies face and offer tailored advice and financial solutions to navigate them.

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Banking services

Our deputyship bank accounts and online and mobile banking services make managing your clients’ money convenient, effective, and compliant.

  • FSCS protected deputyship accounts that can be opened in as little as 72 hours, faster than the majority of UK banks.
  • Global mandate appointment for managing funds for your clients across borders.
  • Secure online banking with convenient features such as data import and export and authorised user access levels.
  • Third-party debit cards can be issued to carers and protected parties with set spending and balance parameters managed by the professional deputy.
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Wealth planning and investment management

We want to be certain that we are acting in the best way for your clients’ long-term financial stability. Our highly qualified and experienced advisers determine the right wealth planning strategy specifically to short-term and long-term goals.

  • In-house, extensively researched, well-diversified, risk-managed portfolios.
  • Cashflow planning, detailing your clients' current financial status and projected future activity, to assist in managing complex expenditure patterns.
  • Advice to help grow your clients’ wealth in a tax-efficient manner.
  • Advice on estate planning to aid your clients in passing their wealth on to the next generation.
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Empower and protect with our Visa Debit Cards

Visa debit cards empower carers and protected parties with financial independence.

Professional deputies can manage features, such as setting spending and balance limits, to ensure safe and controlled access to money.

Your dedicated team

Your dedicated Commercial Banker is at the heart of our service, managing your relationship and ensuring a seamless connection between your firm and our team of expert Wealth Planners and Investment Managers.

Your team operates across the UK, from local offices in Bristol, Exeter, London, and Manchester.

Liam Hutchings

Director, Professionals


Bristol office

Jessica Brace

Commercial Banker


Exeter office

Dan Stevens

Commercial Banker


Manchester office

Gary Knight

Commercial Banker

London office

David English

Commercial Banker


Chris Dyer

Senior Commercial Banker


Lee Summers

Senior Commercial Banker


Eleanor Levett-Millett

Commercial Banker

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Dan Stevens

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Eleanor Levett-Millett

Commercial Banker
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Liam Hutchings

Director, Professionals
Direct: 020 7012 2359

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