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Navigating the path to a successful business exit: essential considerations

We explore some crucial aspects to consider before embarking on the transformative journey of exiting a business.


25th August 2023


As entrepreneurs and business owners, we pour our hearts and souls into building successful businesses. However, there comes a time when we must contemplate the inevitable – a business exit strategy. Whether you are retiring, pursuing new ventures, or passing the baton to the next generation, a thoughtful and well-structured exit plan is paramount.

Today, we explore some crucial aspects to consider before embarking on this transformative journey.

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Timing is everything – start early

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a successful business exit strategy. Initiate the process at least two years before your intended exit. This timeframe allows for comprehensive planning including reporting, addressing potential challenges, addressing any concerns employees may have and optimising the value of your business.


Find the right team

Embarking on a business exit requires meticulous planning and expert guidance. Working alongside experienced advisers such as solicitors, accountants and financial advisers, is indispensable in navigating legal and financial complexities. They will help structure the exit to minimise tax implications, mitigate risks, and ensure a smooth transition.


Ensure the business is protected

While contemplating the future of your business, it is imperative to address the "what ifs." We cannot predict the future, so protecting your business and loved ones should be a top priority. Adequate insurance coverage, such as a key person or shareholder protection, can safeguard your business against unforeseen events, ensuring continuity and financial security.


Assess your pension contributions

Retirement planning can be an important part of the exit strategy. Carefully assess whether making pension contributions directly from the business makes financial sense for your long-term goals. Expert advice from wealth planners can help you maximise tax efficiencies and optimise your retirement fund.


Consider wealth planning for your future

Amid the preparations for a business sale, key aspects of managing and planning family wealth can be overlooked. It is important to consider your plans for the proceeds of the sale and create a tax-efficient plan. Working with a trusted wealth planner could help you make the most of your money – for today, tomorrow, and across generations.

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A well-executed business exit strategy is a testament to your hard work and vision. By considering these vital aspects – protecting against uncertainties, optimising pension contributions, collaborating with experts, planning, and seeking advice on intergenerational wealth transfer – you will be better prepared to embark on this journey with confidence. Remember, the best time to start planning your exit is now.



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