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In Conversation with Paul Langham: Insights from our newest Senior Commercial Banker

In our latest interview, we talk to Paul Langham, Senior Commercial Banking about client relationships.


26th June 2024


In the world of commercial banking, a vital ingredient that often sets banks apart: the strength of their client relationships.

We sit down with Paul Langham, a recent addition to our Commercial Banking team, in our latest interview. Paul shares his insights on fostering deep, meaningful connections with our clients.


A passion for personal connections

Paul’s career in banking started straight out of school, leading him through various financial services roles before joining us at Arbuthnot Latham. His journey is marked by a consistent theme: a profound dedication to building personal client relationships.

At a time when many businesses talk about their desire for a more traditional and personal banking experience, Paul’s approach aligns perfectly with Arbuthnot Latham’s dedication to relationship-driven banking.

Banking is fundamentally about people,” Paul says, reflecting on the day’s bankers knew their clients beyond the balance sheet. This personal touch is something he has carried through his career, emphasising genuine interactions over transactional relationships. He fondly recalls the days of knowing clients by name, understanding their lives, and genuinely caring about them as people – not just their financial transactions.

“It is the people that make the difference, so building a relationship with people is the best thing you can do.”


Community building through client networking

Paul actively fosters a sense of community among his clients by bringing them together meaningfully. “By connecting people, we create mutual benefits beyond banking services. This is the value-add that can set us apart.

Paul champions creating a community among his clients, actively bringing them together to foster mutual benefits beyond typical banking services. “Connecting people creates networks that transcend the usual client-banker dynamic. This community approach is a significant value-add that sets us apart,” says Paul.

He adds how these interactions go beyond superficial connections:

“It is not just about business transactions; it is about creating ecosystems where businesses can thrive together. Whether it is connecting a client who needs office furniture with another who sells office furniture, it is about making meaningful business relationships happen.”


Adapting to digital while keeping traditions alive

With digital transformation reshaping the banking sector, Paul sees an opportunity to enhance rather than replace traditional banking values. “The core of traditional banking has not changed; it is still about trust, quality of service, and personal connections. What has evolved is our ability to harness digital tools to bolster these relationships,” he states.

Paul emphasises the impact of digital advancements on the new generation of entrepreneurs who may have yet to experience traditional banking firsthand.

Many younger entrepreneurs have only interacted with banking through digital channels and might not know the value of face-to-face interactions that were common in banking many years ago. It is crucial to bridge this gap by demonstrating how digital tools can enhance, not replace, the personal service and trust built in those traditional relationships.

Paul sees a future where digital platforms complement personal banking, improving service delivery while maintaining the personal touch that clients value:

“Integrating digital solutions allows us to enhance efficiency and service quality, ensuring that we can meet our clients’ needs more effectively without losing the personal touch.”


Paul’s thoughts on relationships at Arbuthnot Latham

As Paul highlighted, a significant advantage of Arbuthnot Latham is our streamlined structure, which contrasts sharply with the more hierarchical setups typical of larger banks. This nimbleness allows for quicker decision-making processes and more personalised service, attributes that Paul values deeply, given his extensive background in both settings.

Working in larger institutions often meant navigating through layers of bureaucracy to get anything done.” Paul concludes the interview with his final reflection, “Here at Arbuthnot Latham, the difference is recognisable. We can make decisions swiftly and respond to our clients’ needs without delays.


About Paul Langham

Paul Langham became a valuable addition to our Commercial Banking team dedicated to trading companies in May 2024. With a career spanning more than 20 years across corporate and commercial banking, Paul brings a wealth of experience from his client-facing roles in several well-known UK banks and the Bank of England. As a Senior Commercial Banker, he primarily focuses on supporting general trading businesses, leveraging his extensive knowledge of numerous industries and sectors to help our clients go further.

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