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Meet the Team - Mia Williams

Meet Mia Williams, our Associate Investment Manager, as she takes us through her journey in our latest "Meet the Team" interview.

Mia Williams

Please could you tell us more about your role at Arbuthnot Lathan and your journey so far?

I joined Arbuthnot Latham in the summer of 2022, following the completion of my Masters in Investment Management.

As an Associate Investment Manager, I support two Investment Managers and their clients. My daily responsibilities include being the main client contact for non-investment queries, arranging client meetings, managing administrative tasks related to portfolios, and assisting with trading to achieve the best returns for our clients.

I am impressed with Arbuthnot Latham's hands-on approach to encourage growth and knowledge. From the first week, I participated in client meetings, gaining insights into every aspect of investment management. Arbuthnot Latham provides comprehensive support and training, covering client relationship management and even sessions on Myers Briggs Type Indicator theory (the categorisation of personality based on 16 types) to enhance collaboration.

I am currently pursuing the Investment Management Certificate and Chartered Financial Analyst exams. My goal is to train within Arbuthnot Latham to become a fully qualified Investment Manager in the coming years.


How do you see the future of remote work in finance?

Arbuthnot Latham embraces a hybrid working model for flexibility, acknowledging the positive impact of remote work on work-life balance. Yet, recognising the importance of in-person experiences, being in the office remains crucial for learning through interactions and networking. This is especially vital in client-facing roles, where face-to-face interactions significantly contribute to effective communication and client understanding.


Can you share a time when you exceeded client expectations or needs.

I regularly collaborate with fellow Associate Investment Managers to enhance the client experience. Initiating a project to guide clients in navigating our Digital Wealth portal is one such effort to streamline operations for their benefit. My hope is to empower all our clients with the confidence to use our portal.


Can you share a quote that has influenced your approach to your career?

I felt particularly inspired by the quote: "If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room," by Larry Page, co-Founder of Google. It reminds me to surround myself with intellectually challenging individuals for continuous learning and growth, both personally and professionally.


What do you like to do outside of the office?

I am drawn to water-related activities. Swimming is my go-to exercise, and I recently swam 15 kilometers over three days for charity. Whether navigating the River Wey on my paddleboard or attempting to surf in the Cornish sea, I find solace and enjoyment in water-based adventures.



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