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Meet the team - Ben Sheeran

Ben Sheeran joined Arbuthnot Latham earlier this year to head up our newly formed tech offering. We speak with Ben about what is happening in the sector and why he decided to join Arbuthnot Latham.

Ben Sheeran

What is your banking specialism?

My specialism is in the technology and venture capital, as well as the inward investment sector (internationally trading companies setting up in the UK).


What is happening in your sectors currently?

In the world of tech, the market is entering a more challenging environment from a fundraising, valuation, and profitability perspective. Some businesses are struggling to grow revenues in a rising cost-of-living environment, but we can help by making their excess deposits/liquidity work harder for them.

Clients are looking to become more sophisticated in their treasury needs and are looking to multi-bank in the wake of recent banking collapses across Europe and the US. Again, we can support these clients by being a strong additional counterparty.

When it comes to inward investment, cost-of-living, inflation and wage increases are making the path to UK entry more challenging to map. We help by getting businesses set up quickly with expert knowledge of international structures and needs, not delivered through digital or SME channels at other UK banks. We can also introduce clients to our wider network of advisers and professionals.


What sets Arbuthnot Latham apart in the market?

I decided to join a privately-owned business that was able to deliver a personal, relationship-based model to two underserved sectors. We have the unique ability to help from startup all the way through to exit with our wealth management and investment divisions and can help more complex SME-style customers from startup, entry and seed funding, all the way through to successful exit of their business.


What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m building my house while living in it with my wife, dog and two cats so outside this job I do more work!


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