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Empowering women in finance: Our early careers programmes

Discover how our early careers programmes are empowering women in finance. We speak to colleagues who share their inspiring journeys into the world of finance with Arbuthnot Latham.

At Arbuthnot Latham, we have a range of early careers programmes to give people from a diverse range of backgrounds a chance to forge a career in finance.

We speak to two early careers participants and the person with the vision to make it all happen.

Paula Rawlinson, Head of Learning and Development

Paula's Vision: Creating Inclusive Opportunities

Paula's commitment to inclusivity is evident in Arbuthnot Latham's approach to early careers programmes. "We include training for graduates and apprentices alike," she explains.

"Our aim is to be inclusive, bridging the gap between traditional graduate pathways and apprenticeships. It is important for me that everyone gets the same development opportunities."

For Paula, diversity in talent acquisition is crucial:

“Fresh perspectives and ideas are great for organisational growth. Our programmes not only bring in new talent but also support our DEI strategy by attracting individuals from diverse backgrounds.

"Our commitment to supporting women in finance goes beyond mere representation. It is about creating an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, feels valued, empowered, and equipped to succeed."

Paula Rawlinson

Our early careers programmes

Four-day work experience for GCSE students and above. The programme is run in conjunction with Young Professionals. The aim is to introduce Arbuthnot Latham to young adults from diverse backgrounds; these sessions take place twice a year.

Eight-week summer internship for undergraduates: There are roles in front office, back office, and in between. Participants get four 90-minute training sessions in addition to on-the-job experience.

One-year placements for university students who need a year in industry, starting in August every year. These roles span finance, IT, banking, and client support.

Apprenticeship programme which runs for 12-18 months. The programme provides workplace training and specific allocated study time (20%) of working hours to gain additional qualifications.

Graduate programme which runs for 24 months, with industry, business, and interpersonal development, and the option to study for a professional qualification within roles across finance, IT, banking, and client support.

Damilola Olosinmo, Business Support Apprentice

Damilola's journey

Damilola joined Arbuthnot Latham as an apprentice. She shares her experience of transitioning into the finance sector:

“I grew up in West London and after A-Levels, my mind was quite open. I took up a role as an ambassador for young professionals and I realised that an apprenticeship was something that interested me.”

"I like to learn, but I wanted to learn from people, so it made sense to pursue a path that included practical experience in a real-world setting. Before joining Arbuthnot Latham, I was skeptical about fitting in as a young woman with no corporate experience.”

“People said it was like a family, but I thought: ‘Is it really?!’ I had been to other organisations, feeling out of place at times but at Arbuthnot Latham, it felt like a family right from the start and I now understand why people referred to it in that way."


Damilola Olosinmo

Damilola highlights the supportive environment and opportunities for personal and professional growth:

"I never expected to feel so fulfilled in an office setting. One of my early contributions was to an external audit project and I was recognised for my contributions through our internal awards; that was incredibly wholesome. This for me underpins the bank’s commitment to fostering women’s growth and success."

Anastasiya Shumanska, Banking Operations Analyst

Anastasiya's perspective

Anastasiya was born and lived in Dublin until she was 12 then moved to Watford:

“Since the age of 14, I wanted to work in finance. My mum’s best friend worked in the City, and we used to talk about her job. She was quite senior, and I always thought it sounded exciting. At school, I was always better at maths and numbers so this just seemed like the natural career for me.”

Anastasiya, when studying for her degree in accounting and finance, was taken aback when she realised women made up around 10% of her course.

"From my university experience to joining Arbuthnot Latham, the difference in gender representation is stark. Here, I feel valued, supported, and empowered to pursue my career goals."

Anastasiya's journey underscores the importance of finding a supportive environment:

"Arbuthnot Latham changed my perception of women in finance, the presence of a strong female network has been instrumental in my journey."

Anastasiya Shumanska

Has Arbuthnot Latham changed your view of women in finance?


“What has been valuable in Arbthnot Latham’s early careers programmes is that you are going through it with others from a range of backgrounds, but you also have lots in common. Our cohort has seven women in it, and it is great, being so young and new to finance to have so many women sharing the same experience.”


“Arbuthnot Latham has a very family feel anyway, but this is even more so with the other graduates and apprentices. It is empowering to be able to form such a close bond with other women as we start our careers in finance.”



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