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The emotional aspect of a business exit strategy: navigating the waters of transition

We explore the emotional side of a business exit strategy and how to prepare for it.


30th August 2023


Embarking on a business exit is a momentous journey, as thrilling as it is emotionally challenging. Like any significant life transition, selling or leaving your business can evoke a number of emotions – from excitement and anticipation to anxiety and nostalgia. As business owners, it's essential to recognise and address these emotional aspects to ensure a smoother and more fulfilling transition. Today, we explore the emotional side of a business exit strategy and how to prepare for it.

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The attachment to your creation

Founding and nurturing a business is akin to raising a child. You have invested years of your life, unwavering dedication, and immeasurable passion to see it flourish. As you consider the prospect of letting go, it is natural to feel a sense of attachment, even identity, with your business.

Acknowledging these emotions and reframing your perspective can be helpful. Instead of seeing the exit as abandonment, consider it as the next chapter of your legacy, one where you pass the baton to new custodians who will continue the journey you started.


The fear of the unknown

Moving away from the familiar territory of running a business can trigger fear and uncertainty. You might worry about what lies ahead, how to fill the void it leaves, or if you will ever replicate the same success. Here, seeking guidance from experienced professionals can make all the difference. Engaging with financial advisers, wealth planners, and business consultants will fortify your financial standing and provide valuable insights into new opportunities that await.


Preparing for a mindful exit

Before you embark on exiting your business, there are several things you might want to consider and prepare:

  • Set clear objectives: Define your personal and financial goals for the exit. Having a vision of what you want to achieve beyond the sale will empower you to navigate the process confidently.
  • Build a support network: Surround yourself with a circle of support, including family, friends, and fellow entrepreneurs who have experienced similar transitions. Their empathy and advice will be reassuring as you exit the business.
  • Plan ahead: Begin the process at least two years in advance of when you want to exit. Rushed decisions made in the short-term might lead to regrets or complications later on in the process. Take the time to explore options and find a suitable successor or buyer who aligns with your values and vision.
  • Celebrate the journey: Reflect on the achievements and milestones you have accomplished with your business and ensure to honour the hard work and dedication poured into your venture.

The emotional aspect of a business exit is undeniable, but with careful thought and preparation, it can be a transformative experience. Remember, it's not just about closing one door; it's about opening up a world of new possibilities and embarking on a rewarding new chapter. Embrace this change with open arms and look to the future.


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