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Banking Glossary: Real Estate Finance explained

We demystify the world of real estate finance with our glossary of banking terms and jargon.



Real Estate Finance glossary terms


1. Real estate finance – relating to the various methods with which individuals can purchase a home, plot of land, or other types of property


2. Loan to value (LTV) – a comparison between the loan amount and the value of a property. This figure is usually written as a percentage


3. Residential investment – an investment in developing or buying property which can then be rented out or lived in permanently


4. Commercial investment – an investment in a business that generates a profit through the buying and selling of goods and/or services


5. Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) – accommodation built specifically for the use of students, typically at university in the form of student halls


6. Buy to let – when a property is bought specifically for the purposes of renting it out


7. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – a certificate which gives house buyers an indication of the energy efficiency of a property


8. Covenants – if there are covenants on a piece of land or a property, it means that there may be certain restrictions regarding what that land/property can be used for


9. Modern methods of construction(MMC) – innovative methods that are being adopted to build new homes. The intention is to speed up building processes and address the ever-growing shortage of traditional building skills


10. Co-working offices – shared office spaces that provide a great alternative for businesses who don’t want to incur high costs by renting their own larger office space


11. Co-living – a shared living space, providing good quality rental accommodation in cities designed to appeal to young professionals combining private space and communal living areas with flexible terms.


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