Identity fraud is the criminal activity of using a stolen identity to obtain goods or services by deception. Once fraudsters have sufficient information, they can use your identity to:

  • Open bank accounts.
  • Take over existing bank accounts.
  • Obtain genuine documents.
  • Borrow money.
  • Buy goods or open mobile phone contracts using your details.

Protect yourself from Identify Theft

  • Shred documents with personal information such as receipts, bank statements etc.
  • Password protect your electronic devices using strong passwords and enable 2 factor authentications where possible.
  • Maintain up to date anti-virus software on your devices.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi if accessing sensitive applications (such as mobile banking) or when entering personal information into websites.
  • Redirect your post for 12 months if you move address to help prevent your personal details falling into the wrong hands.
  • If you or a fellow account holder are potentially vulnerable and at heightened risk of identity fraud, then please notify your banker to establish whether additional measures are required to protect your account.

Different ways criminals contact victims

Criminals might try to contact you via phone, email, text message or in person.

Investment fraud

Protecting yourself from investment fraud

Be vigilant of investments that seem too good to be true. Always do your research.

Debit and Credit card fraud

Debit & credit card fraud

Protecting your debit and credit card data is crucial in the fight against fraud.

Impersonation fraud

Impersonation fraud and cloned firms

Fraudsters often impersonate others when trying to steal your money and data.

Romance scams

Romance scams

Fraudsters often start romantic relationships with victims in person of via dating apps and websites.

Payment redirection

Payment redirection

Often affecting businesses, this is when a fraudster finds a way of changing payment details when paying invoices.

Cheque fraud

Cheque fraud

Make sure you don’t fall victim.

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