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Payment Services Directive 2

Payment Services Directive 2 Consumer Rights

This leaflet provides further information about the rights of payment service users under the revised Payments Services Directive 2.

Your rights when making payments in Europe (PDF)

Account Information and Payment Initiation Services

With the introduction of the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2), from 13 January 2018, only companies regulated by the FCA may provide account information or payment initiation services. With your consent, these third party providers allow you to see all your bank accounts in one place in a mobile app or online and can also be used to make online payments.

Here is some important information about who can provide these services and how to protect yourself.

Account Information & Payment Initiation Services

Terms & Conditions

As part of our commitment to transparent and accountable banking practice, please see below for our latest terms and conditions relating to our banking and Visa debit card and Visa charge card services.

Private Banking Terms & Conditions
Commercial Banking Terms & Conditions 

Other Terms & Conditions:

Private Banking Glossary of Terms
Private Online Banking Terms & Conditions
Commercial Online Banking Terms & Conditions
Arbuthnot Latham Charge Card Terms & Conditions
Arbuthnot Commercial Charge Card Terms & Conditions

Please see below for our latest terms and conditions relating to our Investor Portal services:

Investor Portal Terms & Conditions

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Article 89 of the Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRD IV)

Article 89 of CRD IV requires credit institutions and investment firms in the EU to disclose annually, specifying, by Member State and by third country in which it has an establishment, the following information on a consolidated basis for the year ended 31 December 2013: name, nature of activities, geographical location, turnover and number of employees, by 1 July 2014. Reporting for the year ended 31 December 2014 and future periods, will also include profit or loss before tax, tax on profit or loss and public subsidies received. Consolidated disclosures can be found on the Arbuthnot Banking Group website at: