Tim Angel CBE, Chairman of Angels Costumes and Arbuthnot Commercial ABL’s Commercial Director, Andrew Rutherford, meet to share the beginnings of Angels Costumes and how Arbuthnot Commercial ABL is supporting their current aims and ambitions.

Morris Angel & Son Limited (Angels Costumes) was formed in 1840 when Daniel Angel, a tailor from Germany, began selling second hand clothes in Seven Dials, London. Since then, Angels Costumes has become the longest-established and largest professional costume house in the world.

Arbuthnot Commercial Asset Based Lending (Arbuthnot Commercial ABL) is helping the 179 year old costume house to realise their growth ambitions with a £5m working capital facility.

Tim Angel CBE, Chairman of Angels Costumes: “Arbuthnot really seemed to grasp the whole thing. They came in incredibly quickly and understood what we wanted…To actually speak to the people you were dealing with, they took an interest in what you did and you had a relationship with them. That’s what it’s like with Arbuthnot and I think that’s really important.”

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