Arbuthnot Latham & Co., Limited (“Arbuthnot Latham”) is delighted to announce the finalists of the 2019 Inspiring Innovators Awards, boosting support for the UK’s home-grown entrepreneurs.

Since its launch in 2015, the Inspiring Innovator Awards has helped entrepreneurs in the early stage of development to bolster their offering and build viable, successful businesses.

Each year, Arbuthnot Latham identifies four exciting new businesses from Cass Business School and City, University of London, with the potential to disrupt the market. The Awards, which take place on 5th June, provide a platform to pitch their businesses to experienced entrepreneurs and investors. The winning business receives a financial award, access to Envestors’ platform and a bespoke mentoring package.

This year’s finalists span a range of industries including cyber security, wellness, human resources and environmentally sustainable catering. The 2019 finalists are Alien Security, Calm Creations, Mentorite and Seven Cherries:

Alien Security

A cyber security consultancy providing ethical hacking services to identify security weaknesses that are vulnerable to a malicious hacker. While the cyber security industry focuses disproportionately on controlling access, Alien Security focuses on data security and strengthen protections, as a first layer of defence.

Calm Creations

Identifying both the importance of relaxation and the challenges of mediation, Calm Creations collates bespoke art supply boxes with easy to follow instructions that are shipped directly to customers houses on a subscription basis. Art is used as a tool to allow users to relax and unleash their creativity, to increase mindfulness. This is supported by an app with encouraging and soothing audio guides.


A B2B AI-empowered talent development platform, Mentorite aids personal workplace development through the use of smart mentoring. The platform connects mentees with their perfect workplace mentors, to allow them to thrive whilst building meaningful relationships. Content is fully customised, allowing employees to be recommended pre-selected material to help accelerate growth.

Seven Cherries

A sustainable, zero-waste event catering service, Seven Cherries works to minimise the environmental and social impact of business activities without compromising on quality. All produce is 75-90% organic and sustainable sourced and meat is free range. Menus are tailored and selected according to strict pro-environmental and social criteria.

Paul Beach, Director of Entrepreneurs at Arbuthnot Latham, said: “We are delighted to announce this year’s finalists to our Inspiring Innovators Awards. We were impressed by the innovation of this year’s finalists and the thoughtfulness of business plans. We are committed to supporting the growth of UK businesses and it’s exciting to see the innovation and creativity of entrepreneurs. Arbuthnot Latham provides essential support to businesses up and down the UK; the support this award provides has been instrumental in identifying potential and helping to accelerate success. We look forward to helping the winning business develop its offering and disrupt the marketplace.”


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