Meet the Team: Joe Taviner

We sit down with Joe Taviner, for our “Meet the Team” series with Arbuthnot Commercial ABL, the asset-based lending (ABL) division of Arbuthnot Latham.


22nd July 2021


Joe Taviner

What does your role entail?

I cover the deal origination for the North West region. I establish and build key relationships within the corporate finance, private equity and business advisory community to source and write new business opportunities for Arbuthnot Commercial ABL.

The role is all-encompassing, from sourcing the initial enquiry, constructing and negotiating the deal, through to take-on and completion. This requires working closely with various stakeholders in the process, both internally and externally, from the senior management team and shareholders of the business, advisors, legal counsel and the internal ABL team.


As of July 2021, what trends are you seeing in the North West region?

When you look at the types of deals Arbuthnot Commercial ABL has written since inception, we’ve had great success in supporting “Event” driven transactions, where there is some form of liquidity event.

The current trend is geared more towards refinances driven by borrower fatigue. This is either where the borrower is looking for a new funding provider or involves businesses who have taken advantage of government support loans but, are looking to consolidate the debt until their business nears their pre-pandemic levels of trading. This, we believe, will swing back towards transactional events as we work towards the autumn budget with many advisory businesses now preparing for mandates to go to market in September.


How has asset-based lending supported the North West?

The North West is awash with traditional businesses that have a rich history of manufacturing and engineering. This typically lends itself well to the funding we offer; businesses that have the requisite balance sheet assets to support an ABL structure which is often the ‘go-to choice’ of debt solutions for businesses.


What would you say is noteworthy about Arbuthnot Commercial ABL?

Arbuthnot Commercial ABL comprises a senior management team with an excellent track record in the industry, a management team who built and sold a business before. This experience and expertise resonates well with many of our clients.

Being a subsidiary of Arbuthnot Latham, we have all the benefits of an independently owned, commercially minded and flexible lender with the support of a long-established private and commercial bank.


Are there any personal or professional highlights so far this year for you?

I completed a number of complex MBO’s in the year for some well-established businesses local to me in Manchester. It was fantastic to support different management teams as they take the business through the next phase of their lifecycle.


Finally, do you have any hobbies/interests outside of your role?

I have an energetic 10-month-old puppy who keeps me busy (and well-exercised), around which I’ve found the time for a full Edwardian house renovation. I’m a keen snowboarder, despite limited opportunities of late, and consider myself a fair-weather golfer.


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