Meet the Team - Anna Malec

We sit down with Anna Malec, for our “Meet the Team” series with Arbuthnot Specialist Finance (ASFL), the short-term property finance arm of Arbuthnot Latham.


13th May 2021


Anna Malec

What does your role entail?

My role as Assistant Underwriter (Case Manager) enables me to deal with a variety of tasks. These begin with communicating and coordinating with valuers, quantity surveyors and solicitors. I then follow the process through to ultimately onboarding of the clients. In conjunction with this, I also manage the legal process, ensure the funds are advanced and the transactions complete.


As of May 2021, what trends are you seeing in the Specialist Finance market?

Following last year’s uncertainty caused by the pandemic resulting in a general slowdown of the market and increased caution taken by lenders, the market is now certainly showing signs of recovery. What is encouraging is we are seeing the volume of enquiries and applications increase - we are also in prime position to be able to convert these.


What would you say is noteworthy about Arbuthnot Specialist Finance?

ASFL has a dedicated and knowledgeable team that all have the same end-result in mind. Our primary goal is to fulfil our clients’ specific requirements. We also aim to grow both our business footprint and our team. .


Are there any personal or professional highlights so far this year for you?

As a result of Covid-19, from both a personal and professional point of view a definite highlight would be getting through the extraordinary last twelve-month period! Professionally, I have been involved in the completion of every single transaction completed by ASFL. This has enabled me to communicate with a broad range of clients and professionals. A key part of my role is to onboard our clients and deal with the compliance and regulatory searches centred around their applications. I have witnessed and taken part in many very helpful webinars which allowed me and my team to stay on the top of the ever-changing trends in the marketplace, as well as remaining vigilant for any signs of potential fraud.


Finally, do you have any hobbies/interests outside of your role?

I think it is safe to say that our hobbies changed in the past year as I would ordinarily say things like socialising with friends, travelling or going to see live music. However, I have learnt to appreciate things I can enjoy from the comfort of my home. In the last 12 months I have been polishing my cookery skills and even tried baking, something that I really enjoy. To date, I have had no fatalities! My garden has never looked as good, and I am looking forward to the nice spring weather (no snow please) to be able to return to it. I love reading books and listening to music.


At Arbuthnot Specialist Finance Limited we have the ability to provide a full range of real estate finance solutions for transactional, refurbishment and development projects throughout mainland UK.



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