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Entrepreneurs’ Relief on the Chopping Block?

Will the Chancellor’s plans to curb the £2.4bn-a-year tax break prompt a sharp rise in MBOs, exits and partial exits between now and the Budget in March?


6th February 2020


Arbuthnot Commercial Asset Based Lending


Will the Chancellor’s plans to curb the £2.4bn-a-year tax break, as reported in the Financial Times prompt a sharp rise in MBOs, exits and partial exits between now and the Budget in March?

Are some of your clients at the stage where they are considering semi-retirement? Are they looking to de-risk or diversify their financial holdings? Perhaps they are seeking to implement a succession strategy? Or considering taking on new minority shareholders with expertise, energy and contacts to expand the business significantly?

The compelling case for partial exit funding

In the light of the above, a partial exit might prove to be the ideal solution for a number of business owners. However, rather than adopting the concept of ‘trading the boardroom for the beach’, the key to most successful partial exits lies in creating a structure that enables the owner to crystallise some value today as well as strengthen the business for tomorrow. In addition, many owners find that introducing new people with a variety of skills and commercial experience often results in a new lease of life for the business and a sense of renewed mission and ambition.

Recognising that more and more business owners are actively exploring the exit options available to them, Arbuthnot Commercial ABL has structured a flexible cash flow based solution designed to deliver greater certainty.

The Arbuthnot Commercial ABL Partial Exit Offering

  • Specialist cash flow offering for partial exit
  • Senior team with a proven track record in delivering event-driven transactions
  • Focus on expertise, quantum of finance and speed of delivery
  •  Strong commercial appetite


  • Revenue £10m – £100m
  • Minimum sustainable EBITDA > £1m
  • Established businesses
  • Successful and dynamic management teams
  • Robust strategy

For further information on our specialist Partial Exit solution or to discuss opportunities where business owners are looking to exit, please contact Andrew Rutherford on +44 (0)7825 805663 or email

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