Your demands for service excellence are met through a commitment to the highest levels of communication, coupled with a fair, honest and transparent fee structure.

Constant and Clear

Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships are forged through the trust and understanding built on constant communication. Our process is based on an international standard and is tailored to our client base. You will benefit from the deep relationship that will develop between your and your dedicated Wealth Planner over time – supported by a dedicated team, ensuring that there is always someone on hand who is familiar with your account.

The Cost of Our Service

As a new client, you will receive a letter of engagement that clearly outlines the specific charges you can expect. There are three stages to our charging, which is paid at three distinct milestones of the wealth planning process, namely:

1st Charge

A one off charge, taken on production of the Wealth Planning: Overview Report. The report sets out a bespoke strategy, which is designed to meet your personal objectives. The charge is £2,250, which covers a minimum of 6 arrangements.

2nd Charge

An Implementation Advice Fee that is specific to your circumstances will be taken after the Suitability Report is produced and you agree to proceed with the recommendations.

3rd Charge

A Review Fee, can be charged as an hourly rate, a fixed rate or as a % basis charge. The amount of the fee is subject to a minimum fee of £2,500, and is dependent on the frequency of meetings, the number of contracts and portfolios, and the level of detail required. If the annual fee is on a % basis the amount of the fee paid will be dependent on the value of the portfolio.

Please speak to one of our Chartered Wealth Planners for further information.